Frequent question It may be prohibited for these reasons::


Bad Bots

Bad, fake and anonymous bots will be Detected and blocked access to the website. automatically to anyone who is detected as this type of threat will be prohibited


Detect and block Automatically prohibit anyone who is detected as this type of threat.

Proxy connection errors in Google Chrome and Firefox

Problems may arise. Failures that prevent correct navigation and detected or blocked as a proxy
To solve it you have to open a new tab and go to || :: Preferences or settings :: | Let's go down to access | :: network configuration or proxy configuration :: | and we access Settings. We would simply have to choose the No proxy option.

This solution is to solve the problem in case it is from the browser. However, it may be that it is the LAN network proxy. This time it would not affect only Mozilla Firefox, but could also affect other browsers

How to know if we are connected to a Proxy. ||

1)Open internet network configuration
2)Center network and sharing
3)Internet Options / connections / LAN configuration
4) Disable : proxy service
Disable Proxy Service


You are in the Blacklist of Spammers and you cannot continue to the website
A DNS-based Blackhole List (DNSBL) or a Real-Time Blackhole List (RBL) is a list of the most frequently used IP addresses for publishing addresses of computers or networks linked to junk mail.


1º) - Check what ip address you are using on your internet connection :: Whats my ip.
2º) - Access :: Multirbl :: and see if your ip is in a black list, the text will appear in red.
3º) In the case that your IP is on a blacklist, find out if your IP is Static or Dynamic.
If this Dynamic turns off the ADSL router for a few minutes, it has assigned you another different ip.
4º) - If this Static disinfects your PC or the device you use and updates your antivirus.
The malwarebytes tool can help you.
5º) - If in spite of having followed these steps and your ip continues appearing as spam, contact your internet connection provider to request that you assign a new IP.


Detect and block Automatically prohibit anyone who is detected as this type of threat.


Malicious users trying to inject commands all threats of this type will be blocked and automatically banned from anyone who is detected as this type of threat forever..


For security reasons this list of browsers is blocked.. When doing some analysis it has been determined that the majority of users who use bad bots come from these browsers.
Prohibited ::
Firefox 🚫
Permitted ::
Google Chrome ✔︎
Opera ✔︎
Coc Coc ✔︎
Yandex ✔︎

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